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kids knitting with smiles

I’ve been thinking this week about how to launch a new knitter. Of any age. Did you know that knitting was once taught in school? To both boys and girls?

boy knitting with headphonesThose days are mostly gone, although there are a few pockets of enlightenment, such as the Waldorf Schools. Huffington Post even published a blog article about it: Knitting More Important than Homework.

beginning knitting

So this week I’ve tried to put myself in the shoes (and mind) of someone who wants to learn to knit and doesn’t have a mother or friend to help them out. Tough spot to be in.

I’ve found at set of videos that I think are the best I’ve seen for teaching the basics. You will find a few of them featured on the tricks page.

But if you are impatient (what knitter has patience?) you can find the complete series here.

I’ll be posting more basic patterns. Things to knit that will be easy to do, but will still be beautiful additions to your wardrobe or great gifts to give. I’ll be posting lots more help in a variety of media. After all, we are not all visual learners.

Please let me know what you think and what you’d like to see. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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