five new books

If there is one knitting book out there, there are a thousand. How to sort out the good knitting reads? This page will summarize all the good books I’ve found. Older ones and new ones just on the market. And you can order them directly from the page as well (you can help me recover the page’s costs by ordering here – with my thanks!). And don’t forget your local library – they are a great source for knitting books – check them out for free then come back here if you wish to buy one for your bookshelf.

The bookshelf contains some old classics as well as some of the latest on the market. If the listed price for an out of print book is prohibitive try working your way through second hand bookstores. You never know what you will find on their shelves. And often they don’t understand the value of knitting books so you may score a deal.

Now, where is my cup of tea? You can find me in my big comfy chair in my studio reading the next one.