intransitive verb: | ˈtiŋk

To unknit a few stitches, one stitch at a time.


intransitive verb: | ˈfrȯgiŋ, ˈfrägiŋ

To unknit a lot of stitches, as in "rippit, rippit".

hap shawl

noun: | ˈhap shawl. (Scotland)

to cover, wrap or keep warm – was a traditional shawl of everyday wear for Shetland women. In its more common form a garter square was knit first and stitches were picked up to knit an old-shale lace border around, using different colours of wool to create interest.

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    crochet chain provisional cast on

    provisional cast on using a crochet chain

    Purpose of a provisional cast on For most knitting you want a firm edge that will not unravel.  Most cast ons give you just that.  However, there are two reasons why you might want to have ‘live’ stitches at the ...

    grafting for garter stitch (kitchener stitch)

    Grafting can be defined as:  seaming together two knitted edges where the stitches are ‘live’.  That means that the two sets of stitches to be seamed are still on the needles.  The other name for this type of seaming is ...
    woman wearing old shale tee

    old shale tee pattern

    The old shale tee pattern is now available for download.   It’s a pattern designed to introduce lace knitting to beginning knitters looking for a new challenge.  And it’s beautiful to boot! old shale – feather and fan You might look ...
    lace knitting with yarn spool

    lace knitting tips and tricks

    Lace knitting is not my natural place to be.  Give me stocking stitch any day:  mindless miles and miles of it while watching TV.  It’s nice stuff but it doesn’t earn you chops as a knitter.  There is nothing quite ...
    old shale hap shawl

    old shale stitch

    Old shale is a great way to introduce yourself to lace knitting.  It’s a simple four row repeat with a single pattern row.  It’s easy to memorize and the result is spectacular.  Old shale is a common stitch used in the ...
    hero in a gansey

    ganseys – of the channel island kind

    ganseys? My mother and I are both knitters. For us the bug bit early and deep. We have gone to knitting camp together. We share techniques and ideas. Every phone call includes something about knitting. We even knit at the ...
    assortment of mittens

    easy two needle mitten pattern available

    Okay, I admit it: as I child I always lost my mittens. I think it was even written into my Grade 2 report card: “good student, but why does she always lose her mittens?” So my mother had to knit ...
    cable cast on diagram

    cable cast on – how to do it

    cable cast on is my go-to CO Particularly for beginners, the cable cast on is my weapon of choice. It’s simple to learn and applicable to both stating a piece of knitting and adding stitches in the middle of your ...