girl knitting with bear


Hello! I love knitting – it’s my passion. I created this site to share the passion: share some great designs and provide help with the techniques related to those designs.

Even if you don’t have other knitters nearby, you’ll be able to take your knitting to a new level. I’ve added a lot of extra material in the patterns to help you complete a design: links to videos and extra instructions so the patterns are very clear and easy to read.

pattern, texture, colour

I like to work with smooth yarns that are easy to work with and widely available. Colour is important, but I like to balance colour with texture. I love to take a pattern, play with colour or all the little details to make it my own. I think you’d like to do this too, so each pattern features a variations on a theme section to provide ideas on how each pattern can be changed to make your version unique. I’m not fond of lace (she says with a grin). That I will be learning with you.

I’m a Canadian knitter. Along the way I have led workshops and published patterns. In my other life I am an IT and user support specialist. Girls who code rock!

You can find me at: [email protected]