womens patterns

Great womens knitting patterns. Fresh designs and patterns from the past.

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An easy warm hat pattern for adults in worsted weight. Scarf to match.

Seed stitch tunic with contrast neckband. Minimal finishing. Sized for an adult: chest/bust 44 inches.

This pattern brings back memories from childhood - mittens drying on the radiator after school recess. This is an easy two needle pattern in worsted weight wool. No left or right so pattern is simple to memorize. Seven sizes provided for small babies to large adults. Make three mitts for the children who have a tendency to lose theirs. Or make two consecutive sizes and tuck one inside the other for extra warmth. Variations on a theme section includes an…

Vintage knitted one piece lingerie. A vintage outfit is not complete without the underwear to go with it and here it is: the knitted "combination". This would be quite a challenge as it is knit in superfine yarn at 32 stitches = 1 inch. Did people actually knit these?