new toddler sweater pattern coming

knitting chart small animals

spring and toddlers

The rain of the last few days got me thinking about spring. I’ve put together a couple of idea for a retro child’s sweater pattern which will be coming your way soon. It uses small graphs for an elephant, duck, bunny, Scottie dog, and squirrel based on an old knitting book (Fleisher’s Fashions book 75). The design features a shawl collar to make it easy to get a toddler in and out of it.

As to the spring part…I am knitting it in nursery rhyme colours of spring green for the body, pink, blue, beige and yellow for the graphs on a white background. A fall version could be a tweedy gray with a lighter grey or tweedy beige row of squirrels marching across the front and back. What do you think? Would that work?

lots of sizes

I’ll post pictures of it as I go. So far I have calculations for sizes 2, 4, 6 and I want to add a size at the lower end of the range (is that a 0, a 1 or 12 months?). I’ll do that at the end of the design work. The learning on this one will be: stranded knitting and to do a shawl collar, with a smidgin of left and right leaning decreases.

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