New Heights In Lace Knitting: 17 Lace Knit Accessory Patterns


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New Heights In Lace Knitting: 17 Lace Knit Accessory Patterns

Author: Andrea Jurgrau
Pages: 144
Genre(s): Crafts & Hobbies
Publisher: Interweave
Publication Date: 2016

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Set against the backdrop of the world's tallest peaks, author Andrea Jurgrau's New Heights in Lace Knitting helps knitters create a beautiful collection of lace shawls and accessories and gain confidence in creating standout knitted lace.

Before starting any journey, knitters need to load their packs (or in this case, their knitting bags) with the right supplies. New Heights in Lace Knitting outlines exactly what knitters need in order to cerate a successful finished project. Knitters are guided through choosing the right yarns for lace, basic lace techniques, and a comprehensive how-to for adding beads to lace projects.

Beginners might start with a smaller project, such as fingerless mitts with lace detail, while experienced knitters may start with a lace shawl project that challenges their know-how. In all, there are 17 lace patterns that knitters are going to love exploring.

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