Michael Pearson’s Traditional Knitting: Aran, Fair Isle and Fisher Ganseys, New & Expanded Edition


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Michael Pearson's Traditional Knitting: Aran, Fair Isle and Fisher Ganseys, New & Expanded Edition

Author: Michael Pearson
Pages: 264
Genre(s): Crafts & Hobbies
Publisher: Dover Publications
Publication Year: 2015

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I think I was lucky in the timing - I learned to knit just when your book first came out The other books on the subject seemed to be aimed at people who already knit Yours was the one that made me feel this was something I could do and is the only one I read for pleasure not just for patterns The line drawings were fantastic too After a while of course I wished it was about five times as long - Gordon ReidFor years knitters have been pining for the return of Michael Pearsons lovely book Traditional Knitting complete with historical notes charts photos and patterns for Fair Isle Guernsey and Aran sweaters Once again our wish is granted by dear Dover - Meg Swansen Schoolhouse PressA fascinating and well researched book - Evening PressAfter visiting the remote fishing villages of Scotland and England Michael Pearson compiled this extensive record of unique centuries-old patterns His sources include oral traditions documents family albums and photos Pearson combines a social history of the villages and the living history of these crafts with detailed patterns and practical instructions for knitters This richly illustrated volume includes 32 pages in color

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