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Welcome to our knitting community! Grab a cup of tea and join the conversation. Have you just created the best piece of knitting you’ve ever done? Got a great source of yarn to share? Are you stuck and need help? This is the place!

  • ganseys – of the channel island kind

    ganseys? My mother and I are both knitters. For us the bug bit early and deep. We have gone to knitting camp together. We share techniques and ideas. Every phone call includes something about knitting. We even knit at the same tension. I recall one day getting a call about ganseys. ... More
  • easy two needle mitten pattern available

    Okay, I admit it: as I child I always lost my mittens. I think it was even written into my Grade 2 report card: “good student, but why does she always lose her mittens?” So my mother had to knit a LOT of mittens quickly. She thinks my easy two needle mitten pattern would have ... More
  • stranded knitting is easier than you think

    I am continuing to work on the Nursery Block sweater and it’s coming along nicely. The band shown above features on the front and the back of the sweater. To help with the spacing of the animal blocks I’ve added some eccentric letter blocks. The blocks are not centered on the band – makes ... More
  • learning knitting basics

    kids knitting with smilesI’ve been thinking this week about how to launch a new knitter. Of any age. Did you know that knitting was once taught in school? To both boys and girls? Those days are mostly gone, although there are a few pockets of enlightenment, such as the Waldorf Schools. Huffington Post even published ... More
  • hello there!

    Welcome to Tricks with Sticks, a site dedicated to beginning and medium level knitters. Here you will find some great patterns and lots of resources to help you on your way. The patterns available here will be of two types. The first type are patterns that are simple to do but will expand your skills. In ... More