Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts and Socks: 37 fun and fluffy creatures to knit and wear


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Knitted Animal Scarves, Mitts and Socks: 37 fun and fluffy creatures to knit and wear

Author: Fiona Goble
Pages: 128
Genre(s): Crafts & Hobbies
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
Publication Year: 2015

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Knit your own animal accessories with these fun and colourful patterns from Fiona Goble. Everyone loves animals, and now you can add them to your wardrobe with this fun and fluffy collection of animal scarves, mitts, and socks to knit. Whether you like the bright colours of tropical frogs and fish, or you prefer the cuddly softness of a koala or a rabbit, you will find your favourite creature here. 'Furry Friends' include a fox scarf and mitts, and a marmalade kitten scarf. In 'Country Creatures' you'll find scarves in the shape of a duckling, a lamb and a pig, as well as hedgehog mitts. 'Water Lovers' include a shark scarf complete with fin, and a pair of penguin socks, while 'Wild Animals' range from an elephant scarf to a zebra cowl and snake socks. There are loads of scarves for small kids, big kids, and young adults, plus a cute collection of socks in the form of cats, owls, mice and more. Cowls and mittens, and some hat/scarf combinations, complete the set. With simple stitches, full instructions for making-up, and clear photographs to illustrate the all-important details, you can pick up your needles and knit a menagerie in no time.

animals on your scarves and your mitts and your socks!

Go beyond the basics easily with Fiona Goble's book of knitted animal scarves, mitts and socks. The book features an animal on each of the accessories created. She uses colour as well as extra bits of knitting to make each piece. The patterns are easy to do. There are no hard stitches or complex colour changes and most of the knitting requires two needles, simple knit and purl stitches.

patterns for all age groups

Some of the patterns will appeal to small children: like the duck or tropical frog scarves. Others work well for adults as well as kids. Check out the tabby or marmalade cat scarves, fox or hedgehog mitts, for example. The simplest of the patterns is the baby seal scarf, gorgeous in mohair and alpaca, easy to do and a quiet statement if you wish. The socks are mostly meant to be worn without shoes as slippers. As a consequence, you will probably want to add nonskid dots or material to the bottoms to make them less slippery.

the technicals

The patterns use good quality, readily available yarns in a variety of weights. Importantly, the patterns are clearly written and easy to follow. Many of the patterns call for two needles although a few need dpns (double-pointed needles).

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