Customize Your Knitting: Adjust to fit; embellish to taste


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Customize Your Knitting: Adjust to fit; embellish to taste

Author: Margaret Hubert
Pages: 112
Publisher: Creative Publishing int'l
Publication Date: 2016

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Quarry Books-Creative Publishing International: Customize Your Knitting. Customize Your Knitting Teaches You How To Adjust Standard Patterns To Fit Your Unique Measurements. Through Techniques That Margaret Hubert Has Used For Years To Teach Classes On Custom Fitting, You Can Learn To Adjust Patterns For A Perfect Fit For Yourself Or Someone Else. Yarn Shop Instructors Can Use The Book To Teach Classes For Their Customers. Diagrams And Illustrations Throughout The Book Will Help You Understand Body Shapes And Easily Compare Measurements. Garments Construction, Specific Increases, Decreases And Other Shaping Methods, As Well As Finishing Techniques And Embellishments Are All Explained And Photographed Clearly. Make Every Project Perfectly Tailored To You! Author: Margaret Hubert. Softcover, 111 Pages. Published Year:2016. Isbn 978-1-58923-886-2. Imported.
Shows you how to you modify several different sweater patterns, according to your body shape. Lots of detail on adding embellishments and changing necklines, length etc.

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